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Get started… Astrology is a divination subject that gives information related to human affairs based on the study of the position of celestial objects. So how did it all start?

Findyourfate.com will guide you through the right path for success in your life, love and spirituality based on this astrological principle. Get the solution to your life problems from our expert astrologers. This is the ultimate guide for anything on love, religion and spirituality.

If you are a beginner…

So if you are new to this science, and want to learn and know more then this would be your ideal pit-stop : Principles of Astrology

About findyourfate.com

Findyourfate.com is a divination website that is loaded with articles and information that is handy both for the experts and the novice amateurs in the field. If you are a passer-by wanting to get a taste of the occult sciences, find out what we have to offer for you.

Know your Zodiac Sign

The Sun's position on a person's birthday determines what is usually called his or her star sign , birth sign or zodiac sign, although it is in fact more accurate to call it a person's Sun sign. The zodiac sign will indicate how a person focuses his/her energies and activities. Enter your date of birth below to find your sun sign along with the horoscope of the day.

 Know your Zodiac sign :
 Date of Birth :


Love, relationship or marriage can be complicated but following your horoscope-compatibility makes everything easy! Your zodiac sign reveals who you are compatible with and which zodiac signs go well, which one should you date or marry, who are you sexually compatible with....

The Sun sign compatibility and Moon sign compatibility channels compare your luminary positions with that of your partner and guide you accordingly. Ignite back the lost romance in your life.

Relationships form the essence of our lives. Synastry helps you to forge better ties in your relationship with your parents, siblings, pet, grandparents, boss,etc.

The luminaries Sun and Moon decide how we interact with our friends. More on Friends and Relationship.

See also which Zodiac signs are attracted to you and which signs are repelled by you. Zodiac attractions/repulsions.

Are you on the cross roads of a relationship? Our Compatibility Report is one of the widely recognized service. Order your compatibility report now

Free Reports

Findyourfate offers many astro reports for free.

We offer free online services like moon chart, palm reading, auspicious times, lucky gemstones, panchang, 10 porutham, death meter, kua number, handwriting analysis, dreams, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly horoscopus. We do offer free numerology analysis report as well.

We also offer Free Palm Reading & Free Numerology Reports.

Try our other paid personalised astrologer services as well…

Is today your Birthday?

Did you know that numbers have a link with your life and future? Your Birth Day number is one of the most important numbers for you. Get your birthday reading.

Do try our Numeroscope section as well. Numeroscope is a personal profile of an individual, based upon his or her date of birth.

Death Clock

The most sought after question now, in the world is 'When will I die?' Use our #1 Death Clock calculator since 2000. The life expectancy Test is used by Millions to predict the possible year of Death. This entertaining Clock runs in reverse time.!

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Astrology resources for the year 2022

Our 2022 Yearly Forecasts give you a good view of the year ahead in terms of career, love, family, finance, travel and more. It would be a good summary of the year in a nutshell for the 12 zodiac signs. Also 2022 astro calendars, 2022 retrograde dates, 2022 Moon astrology, 2022 equinox and solstices, etc are listed for your kind perusal.

2022 yearly planetary influences on the zodiac signs would also be a good read.

Daily, Weekly, Monthly scopes

What do the stars foretell for you today? The daily guidance you need is right here. What will happen for the day? Look through our Daily horoscope for every sign's outlook.

Plan your week with this astrological update of our free Weekly horoscope. The Weekly scopes get uploaded every Monday. “Very insightful and meaningful weekly predictions” is the feedback we get from our regulars. The weekly scope is a general approach to predicting your life over the course of a week.

Sun signs

The twelve zodiac signs are grouped into the four elements namely, fire, earth, air and water which form the natural world.

The Fire Signs are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius which are passionate, dynamic and temperamental in nature and need to nurtured cautiously.

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are the Earth Signs who are the "real people" who remain grounded and are loyal to their near ones.

The Air Signs are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. They are concerned with action and brings about changes on Planets Earth.

And the Water Signs are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces who are the emotional lot. Are intuitive and have a passionate nature as well.

The Planets

The Sun, Moon and the planets of the Universe and their respective positions in the sky form the basis for all astro related studies and analysis. Learn more about them.

You can find your Venus sign, Mars sign, Jupiter sign, Eros sign, Psyche sign, Lilith sign, Chiron sign, and Moon signs to get know about their presence in your Birth chart report.


Any astrological study needs the position of the planets and luminaries and an Ephemeris comes to the rescue here. An Ephemeris gives the exact location of the various transiting planets in the zodiac sky for any given time and date. The Ephemerides were constructed as early as the 4th century BC and are useful to astronomers , astrologers and navigators across the globe. Heavy computing goes in deriving the ephemeris. We have to our credit the Ephemeris data for a 200 year period ranging between 1900 to 2100.

Mercury Retrograde

Indicating the three phases in each year in calendar form, including the direct dates, in which zodiac sign and the shadow periods.

Heard about Mercury moving backwards...

Thought it goes retro three or four times each year, for a period of about three weeks each time. But of course it isn’t really moving backward but it just appears that way from the earth.

Find out Mercury Retrograde 2022 dates and What does it mean for you this year in all the 3 cycles

As Mercury completes its orbit around the Sun in 88 days, it becomes retrograde three or four times in a calendar year. Outer planets have less frequent, but longer lasting periods of retrograde motion. Mercury rules over transport and communications and when it retrogrades, these domains experience chaos of sorts.

In general lost mail, accidents, break-ups, and other mishaps are associated with the periods when Mercury is said to go on a backward spin. Read on for the influences of this retrograde motion of Mercury on your Zodiac Sign, Career, Romance and Finances. But one cannot hide under the bed for three weeks at a stretch. Choose to be extra cautious and tread along. Do not link every negative experience to this.


Love powers the Universe and it infuses our lives with passion and joy. Got your true love in life, then you are said to be blessed. Going through a heartbreak, then don’t lose heart, keep your flame burning. Love is an enigma by itself. Finding true love is not an easy job. The path to love would be long and quite challenging for most of us.

We’ve got some Love tips and Love rules to attract the love of your life. Love sheds light on our individual temperaments, nature, and likes that takes us towards true love. It guides as to how and where we ought to express love. Sexual preferences and insights, ways to kiss your partner are the add-ons.


The Chinese system of exists for over 5000 years and represents one of the ancient traditions of the world. At a basic level, Chinese and western astro seem pretty similar. Very much like western astro, the Chinese zodiac includes 12 signs, which are each represented by an animal — Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig. Here’s the legend behind these animal signs. Find your Chinese animal sign.

While western astro system is based on your month of birth, the Chinese horoscopes are based on your year of birth. The Chinese zodiac includes five earthly Elements which interplay with each other to make up a cycle of ups and downs for each sign.

Check our online interactive Gender Prediction test, Which has been accurate in most cases.

On the 1st of February, 2022 the Year of the Tiger according to the lunar calendar starts. It lasts till the 23rd of January 2023. This is the year of the “Tiger” and would bring luck and fortune. Financial success comes your way. For a detailed prediction read the 2022 Chinese horoscope for your animal sign.


Indian astro is completely different from Western. This is a noble and natural science that dates back to 3000 BC. Also called as Vedic or Hindu astro system was documented by sages several eras back. Indian astro is believed to be the oldest system of divination in the world.

Indian system also called as Hindu astrology follows a calendar based on constellations that have the Moon in the centre. The Moon sign you were born is used to predictions rather like the Western astro system which relies on your Sun sign. As the Moon rules the mind and emotions, Moon is given priority in Indian astrological system.

Comprehensive Yearly Indian Horoscope for year 2022 for all the 12 Rasis or Moon signs has been compiled just for you.

The Daily Panchang gives you the right and auspicious times to do important things everyday. We have to our credit Panchang data for more than three decades.

Want to find out what ancient seers or sages have foretold for you centuries back. Upload your thumb impression to get your Nadi Astrology.

Troubles in hitching a partner? Enter your personal details and find out if 10 Porutham exists for you both to enjoy conjugal felicity.

Planetary transits play havoc with our lives. Particularly Guru Peyarchi, Sani Peyarchi and Rahu-Ketu Peyarchi details are presented to arm before-hand.

Though we humans are born to suffer, certain planetary effects and transits affect us horribly. Astrological remedies come to our rescue.

Indian Vedic astrology - covers unique hand picked elements including kutas, vastu reports, Rasis (Moon sign), nakshtras, auspicious times, good days and bad days to do initiate an activity.



It is the study of the influence that distant cosmic objects, usually stars and planets, have on human lives. The position of the Sun, stars, Moon and and other planetary objects do have a profound connection with us here on planet Earth. It is one of the most Sacred Sciences known to man.

Since the dawn of civilization the stars and planets have been used as a mode of reference for travel and time management. With the dawn of the new era, people have started pinning their hopes on it. A very ancient, but still vital discipline, it seeks the meaning to the planets position in the sky. This ancient study has changed its course with time.

Most of us are familiar with our Zodiac Scopes. If you're ready to go beyond Sun sign predictions and understand the planets, signs, houses and charts, then dive in. This is a trusted online resource for free online divination.

This does not claim to be the answer to everything but it can provide striking insights an clues to many things in life and Religion is one such area.

The astrological sky is further divided into 12 equal parts that represent the 12 houses. Each house represents a different part of our life. More on Astrology houses.

Each zodiac house consists of 30 degrees and this is further divided into three areas which are termed as Decanates.

Astrology Articles

December Horoscopes

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December 2021 Monthly Horoscope

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Planetary Positions

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December 2021 Astro calendar

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2022 love compatibility

Take the Love quiz

Find out how they say "I love you" in different languages around the globe: (some how or other you ought to woo your love right !!)

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Online Palm Reading

Findyourfate.com presents some basics of palmistry, with a special emphasis on your life as indicated in the palm. Learn more:

Try our basic Online palm Reading

More serious one, get a palm report done by our expert.

Celebrity Astrology

Online zodiac guide of a host of celebrities across the globe under myriad categories.

Celebrities born today: If today is your birthday, find out who you share your birthday with.

Celebrities who died today:

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You can plan your day ahead using our astrological calendars consists of astrological events. Your love, money, travel and much more can be made simpler by these Astrology Calendars.

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Just Ask a Question, any question which is troubling you right now. Our team of expert Astrologers will provide you the right answers. This is a premium, specialized and highly accurate astrology service that has been used by hundreds of our visitors for more than a decade. Our USP is this is a manually generated report and not a machine-derived one.

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